Being Present

I know this is nutrition blog for, but bear with me, you will see where I am going with this…

A fellow blogger ( recently posed the question “Are there words of wisdom you mentally summon when you’re in need of being lifted spiritually or emotionally?”

I was instantly brought back to a little piece of advice that I heard in yoga class many years ago that has become my mantra during meditation, prayer, or really anytime I am stressed or restless.  It was a profound, earth shattering recommendation, at least for me.  I think it was exactly what I needed to hear when life seemed to be moving at a ridiculously fast pace.  I may be quoting it wrong but here it goes:

“You are only truly alive in the present.  The past is a memory and the future, a fantasy. So be present and take in each and every “present moment.”

That’s it.  So simple isn’t it?

When it comes to changing your eating habits and living a healthier lifestyle many people skip living in the moment and move straight into their plans for the future or as I call is: the “when I lose the weight” fantasy.  I hear it all the time.  Things like:

“When I am skinny, I will treat myself to new clothes.”

“When I lose all the weight, I will change my hair.”

“I will not go shopping for swimsuits! I am not ready!”

Now I am not saying that looking to a positive future is necessarily a bad thing.  It becomes a bad thing when you put your “present moments(s)” on hold.  Each healthy choice made whether it be choosing a salad over deep fried meal or taking the stairs over the elevator should be applauded and savored in the “present moment”.  Each present moment will help you reach a goal, however each step is a necessary part of the process.

Are you guilty of the “when I lose the weight” fantasy?

One thought on “Being Present”

  1. Yvonne:

    I’m honored to be mentioned on your blog and I thank you for that. I’m also thrilled to know that one of my blog posts triggered that profound memory for you.

    I love that saying you quote. Every time I hear it, it reminds me to stop mulling over the past and spend less energy imagining the future. As you point out, of course we all need to have one eye on the future, but when it distracts you from setting both feet in the here and now, there’s a problem.

    You know my weight loss journey–losing 49 pounds of weight I gained after two back-to-back pregnancies. Every pound shed was a victory, and you really do have to look at it as a process to be at peace with the time it takes to get you to your desired destination. After all, if it took x amount of time to get to where we don’t want to be, we can’t expect to get out of that place overnight!

    Thank you for your post. Happy Holidays to you and yours!

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