Vermont: The Burlington Edition.

My husband and I have come to the conclusion that our vacations revolve around food and the fun sights (and signs) we can find.  We even passed a farm that had a Camel.  Yes, a camel.  Sure of that one.  My husband wouldn’t pull over to get a picture.

So here is Day 1:

StarWars marathon for almost 7 hours, no naps for the big boy!

Copyright NutritionMap 2012

This lasted for all of 10 minutes before she asked to stop for the bathroom and caffeine for her parents 😉

Copyright NutritionMap 2012

American FlatBread Dinner: Cell phone use in the restaurant frowned upon.  Sign said so at the door.

Copyright Nutrition Map 2012

Ben and Jerry’s Flagship store.  She didn’t want her dessert.

Copyright Nutrition Map 2012

Vernon, NJ has BoYa Chinese restaurant, Burlington, VT has FuDa! No we didn’t we eat here. Yet.

Copyright Nutrition Map 2012

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