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#SaveYourMarbles Day 4: Become a Part of the Solution in Your Community

Fierce Group of Little Ladies!

So I am taking creative license here with the recommendation to maintain social and emotional relationships to help preserve and #saveyourmarbles. Think about it though. What better way to develop new social relationships as well as preserving existing ones, than to become active part of your community?

My family and I live in a small town in Sussex County, New Jersey named Hopatcong. I mean super small. It isn’t a through town into other towns.  When you come to Hopatcong, you meant to (or somehow got lost). It is a little lake community that has become a year round place of residency rather than a summer destination.  Like, honestly, everyone knows each other in some way, shape or form.  The people here are a beautiful lot, whether they realize it or not. Unfortunately, many of the residents don’t really comprehend how great we really are.  So rather than be a part of the problem, rather than complain, my family, like so many terrific individuals and families in town, roll up our sleeves and dive in.  Most weekends you can see my husband and I coaching and helping out on the soccer fields or leading Girl and Boy Scouts into becoming the future.  We don’t fill out complaint forms, rather, we complete volunteer applications. It isn’t giving up precious time. It is an investment in my community, my kids and the preservation of my brain cells.  Another way to #SaveYourMarbles. So before you complain, have you volunteered yet?